Credit card tap limits increasing

In support of recent card brand announcements regarding contactless (tap) transaction limit increases, we are pleased to inform you that Moneris will be applying an update to its systems on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 to enable contactless limit updates for the following card brands: - American Express contactless (tap) transaction limits have increased to $250 - Mastercard contactless (tap) transaction limits have increased to $250 - Visa contactless (tap) transaction limits have increased to $250 This action has been taken by the card brands in support of current requirements and recommendations around social distancing exercises due to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. Read full n

Suppliers of COVID-19 safety equipment

We are posting the contact information for suppliers of COVID-19 safety equipment, such as hand sanitizers, masks, and plexi-glass shields, at our Classifieds section. The section will be updated as we receive this information from businesses reaching out to us.

AGLC policy updates

The AGLC has updated several policies effective April 1, 2020. - Liquor Bulletin: Objection to an Application Effective immediately, AGLC is reducing the amount of time an objection to a liquor license application may be filed from 21 days to seven days. View full bulletin. - Liquor Bulletin: Tastings Effective immediately, all licensees that conduct their own liquor tastings independent of a liquor agency, may be charge customers a fee that is no longer restricted to cost recovery. In addition, licensees will no longer be required to keep records of the tastings they conduct on their own. View full bulletin. - Liquor Bulletin: Separation of Business Document Effective immediately, while sep

Common COVID-19 safety measures you can implement in-store

In these unprecedented times, ALSA members are working hard to ensure customers have a safe visit. Here are some common safety measures that members have implemented in-store that you can also implement if you haven't already: · Limiting the number of customers allowed at one time.  This ensures customers have more room to be 2 meters apart while shopping. · Identifying and marking distance lines at the cashier for customers to follow while waiting · Installing Plexiglas shields at cashiers to keep staff and customers safe · Going cashless. Customers and staff don’t have to handle extra items that could be infected · Disinfecting keypads after every purchase · Disinfecting surface area

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