Aligote: Burgundy's Other White

Aligoté A delicious grape from Burgundy! Ask anyone around you to name a white grape variety from Bourgogne and chances are you’ll get the familiar answer of, Chardonnay. That’s no surprise! Many wine drinkers may not be familiar with other varieties, including Aligoté, which even has its own appellations in Bourgogne! Aligoté has characteristics of refreshing citrus and subtle spices; similar to it’s varietal cousins: Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. Aligoté is quite rare and hard to find in our market and sometimes a little pricey for casual affairs. This humble white wine from Bourgogne may lack mainstream recognition still, but with the search of interesting grape varieties on the rise, thi

Discovering Priorat

One of the best things about a career in the wine and spirits industry is that there is always more to discover. While Spain is a favourite and a specialty area of mine I was actually quite unfamiliar with the details and stories of the famed region of Priorat - one of only two specially qualified regions in Spain (the other is Rioja - more on that in the next post). Every two years the organization that regulates the wine region - The DOQ Priorat- bring approximately 50 wine professionals from around the world to the towns of Priorat to immerse them in the vines and wines so they can better understand the wines created there and how the magic of the region contributes to what is in the

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