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AGLC policy updates

The AGLC has updated several policies effective April 1, 2020.

- Liquor Bulletin: Objection to an Application Effective immediately, AGLC is reducing the amount of time an objection to a liquor license application may be filed from 21 days to seven days. View full bulletin.

- Liquor Bulletin: Tastings

Effective immediately, all licensees that conduct their own liquor tastings independent of a liquor agency, may be charge customers a fee that is no longer restricted to cost recovery. In addition, licensees will no longer be required to keep records of the tastings they conduct on their own. View full bulletin.

- Liquor Bulletin: Separation of Business Document

Effective immediately, while separation of business requirements continue, AGLC will no longer require license applicants to complete a Separation of Business document. View full bulletin.


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