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New Single Use Plastic Bylaw In Effect July 1, 2023

Effective July 1, 2023, the City of Edmonton has enacted a bylaw that bans the use of single-use plastic bags.

How can your liquor store stay compliant with the new rules? Here are some suggestions about what to use instead of plastic bags when selling product to your customers.

1. Paper Bags

Remember the old days when liquor HAD to be sold in a paper bag? This is an easy and inexpensive option, especially for the customers with single purchases or who forget their bag at home. The City advises that you must charge at least 15 cents for paper shopping bags.

2. Boxes

Reuse and recycle! For customers with a purchase of multiple bottles, you can reuse the boxes that you have product delivered in. Keep a stack of boxes near your cash register and replenish as needed. The customer can then reuse the box, or recycle it at home.

3. Reusable shopping bags

The City of Edmonton advises that businesses must charge at least $1 for new, reusable shopping bags. You can also post signage in your store reminding customers that plastic bags are no longer available, and encourage them to bring their own bags from home.

Tip: You could have these bags branded with your store logo and information, so it's almost like free advertising when your customer uses the bag in their daily life.

4. Cardboard carriers

Another option for multiple bottle/can purchases —a cardboard carrier with a handle.You can include your branding on these as well. Consider creating a loyalty program where customers get a discount on a minimum purchase if they bring back your branded cardboard carrier or shopping bag.

Learn more about the bylaw and how it effects businesses, as well as further resources and signage you can use in your store, on the City's website.


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