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New Group Buy Partner

Gold Capital Financial Services Introduces ClearBenefits

New Discount Provider


Through Gold Capital Financial Services (GCFS), Leonard Lamarsh- a licensed advisor for Alberta, Manitoba and, Saskatchewan- has diligently worked to offer the most advantageous plans for ALSA members and their families. GCFS is delighted to introduce another health and dental provider, and disability.


ClearBenefits’ individual health and dental plans offer cost-effective coverage options tailored for individuals and families. These plans cater to self-employed professionals, contract workers, small business owners, and anyone seeking private coverage.


Why Choose ClearBenefits’ Individual Group Plan?

·      No health questions, and they cover your pre-existing conditions with guaranteed acceptance

·      No employer input is required, and no minimum participation requirements among staff.

·      You can take your coverage with you even if you switch employment.

·      They offer universal pricing, no age-based premiums- plans are uniformly priced for everyone, irrespective of age.

·      The plans offer extensive coverage, including a 60-day trip limit with up to five million dollars in out-of-province and country travel coverage

·      The plans come with built-in flexibility. Every two years, while on the plan, you have the option to switch to another plan design.

·      All premiums paid towards the ClearBenefits plan qualify as a tax deduction.


Learn more about the program coverages and individual rates, or get an instant quote today.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss the coverage further, please get in touch with Leonard Lamarsh at 780 905 2580 or


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