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Aligote: Burgundy's Other White

Aligoté A delicious grape from Burgundy! Ask anyone around you to name a white grape variety from Bourgogne and chances are you’ll get the familiar answer of, Chardonnay. That’s no surprise! Many wine drinkers may not be familiar with other varieties, including Aligoté, which even has its own appellations in Bourgogne!

Aligoté has characteristics of refreshing citrus and subtle spices; similar to it’s varietal cousins: Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. Aligoté is quite rare and hard to find in our market and sometimes a little pricey for casual affairs. This humble white wine from Bourgogne may lack mainstream recognition still, but with the search of interesting grape varieties on the rise, this little gem is making a comeback in the wine world. If you’re able to get your hands on a bottle of Aligoté, you’ll discover an excellent and refreshing wine made with as much, if not more love than the region’s Chardonnay. Even though Aligoté does not possess the same status as the prestigious, ‘Le Montrachet’, they are widely planted across the region of Bourgogne. Many of finest producers still choose to produce wine from this variety because Aligoté represents their everyday wine. It is a modest wine that all the locals love to drink. The technical stuff - all you really need to know: When you encounter a bottle of Aligoté, you will most likely find the label with Bourgogne as the geographic designation. There are two AOP(Vins d'Appellation d'Origine Protégée) representing the finest quality of Aligoté in France. They are, ‘Bourgogne Aligoté’ (with or without the name of vineyard) and Bouzeron. Bourgogne Aligoté AOP is a varietal appellation; wines can be produced from any region in Bourgogne. Bouzeron AOP, is a geographic appellation located in the Côte Chalonnaise, where it gained its well deserved status in 1979. These wines can be aged in oak or not, depending on the style of the producer. Very little amount of Aligoté is exported out of France. It is not a wine to age for many decades but one to enjoy at its youth with great companies. They are made in a dry style with floral and spice notes on top of a ginger, lemon character. There is also a richness and elegance in this charming wine. The vibrancy of the wine makes it a great summer sipper.

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