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U25 Program

Management and staff of licensed premises are responsible for ensuring liquor or cannabis is not sold or provided to minors.  In addition, Class D Delivery licensees have the same onus placed on them.  To prevent minors from accessing liquor or cannabis, Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) developed the Under 25 policy. Many errors were discovered in a recent campaign of inspections.

Below are several common errors that were prevalent in failed audits:

·       Staff member thought the purchaser “looked old enough” (e.g., 18).

·       Staff member thought the purchaser “was a repeat customer and didn’t need to ask”.

·       Inexperienced staff member working alone, or without supervisory oversight combined with inadequate training.

·       Staff stating that they were busy and overlooked asking for identification. 


To help educate licensees and allow for corrective action, inspectors will notify and caution licensees of a first failure of Under 25 audits.  Licensees will not receive an administrative sanction for this first audit; however, licensees will be audited again at a future date to ensure compliance.  A second failure will result in an administrative sanction.


Inspections staff are available to conduct staff training seminars on this subject and other regulatory topics that govern licensees.  Please contact your local AGLC Inspections office should you wish to make these arrangements.


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