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Production of Hand Sanitizer for Class E Manufacturers

AGLC has issued a March 19, 2020 bulletin regarding the production of hand sanitizer for Class E Manufacturers. Read text below, or download a copy of the PDF.


AGLC Liquor Bulletin - Production of Hand Sanitizer Class E Manufacturer

March 19, 2020

With the recent worldwide impact of COVID-19, we have heard from Alberta liquor manufacturers that have expressed interest in producing hand sanitizers. AGLC commends Alberta’s liquor manufacturers for their interest in helping Albertans during these unprecedented times. To answer commonly asked questions from manufacturers considering producing hand sanitizer, AGLC has prepared the following information.

Do you need AGLC’s authorization?

No. AGLC does not regulate non-potable alcohol products. AGLC recommends any licensed manufacturer looking to start the production of hand sanitizer or similar products contact the appropriate federal departments and agencies and observe all applicable requirements.

Do I need to keep records?

Yes. To keep your production of such products clear and distinct from your beverage alcohol products, AGLC asks that the licensee:

- keep records of all materials used and the amount of final product that leaves your facility; and

- adhere to all federal government requirements.

Do I apply Markup on sales?

No. Markup is not applied on the sale of hand sanitizer.

Can I sell through liquor stores?

Yes! If you would like to distribute the product through our warehouse operator, Connect Logistics, please contact AGLC Product and Pricing team at They will assist you in getting these products registered.

I’m currently not a liquor manufacturer but want to get into this business, what do I do? Companies that are currently not licensed and are interested in producing hand sanitizer products would require an industrial use licence. If you have further questions regarding the production of liquor for non-consumable purposes, please contact AGLC at

Read bulletin here.


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