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New COVID-19 Measures

The Alberta Government has introduced new measurers for a two week period (Nov 13 to Nov 27). They include 15 person limit on any social gathering - indoors or outdoors - where people are mixing and mingling

  • Limit of 3 cohorts per person

  • No social gatherings inside your home or outside of your community

  • Employers in office settings should implement measures to reduce the number of employees

  • Mask use encouraged in all indoor workplaces

  • Employers in office settings to reduce employees in the workplace at one tim

  • Restaurants/pubs stop liquor sales by 10pm, close by 11pm (Nov 13-27)

  • Ban on indoor group fitness classes & team sports (Nov 13-27)

  • Ban on group singing, dancing & performing activities (Nov 13-27)

  • 50-person limit on wedding and funeral services (indoor & outdoor)

  • Faith-based gatherings limited to 1/3 capacity


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