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Liquor Samples for Consumers

To be responsive to the needs of liquor stakeholders, AGLC has amended policy to enable registered liquor agencies to provide complimentary sealed liquor samples to adults in public or licensed venues for off-premises consumption. Liquor agencies may also use a third-party, such as a marketing agency, to carry out sampling on their behalf.

Complimentary liquor samples may now be provided directly to adult consumers in person or be delivered through an Alberta licensed liquor delivery provider with the following requirements:

· The sample products are registered with AGLC by a liquor agency (i.e., with proper authority from the liquor supplier) through existing processes and sent to the AGLC central warehouse for distribution.

· Liquor agencies purchase the sample product. The price includes markup, container deposit, environmental fees and applicable GST.

· Employees working for liquor agencies, or for a third party on the agency’s behalf, that provide liquor samples are required to have ProServe certification.

· Consumers can be provided only one complimentary, sealed 355 ml sample of beer, cider or refreshment beverage, a 200 ml sample of wine or a 50 ml sample of spirits.

· Only sample products represented by the liquor agency may be offered.

These amendments provide additional flexibility for liquor manufacturers and agencies to promote their products to consumers.

AGLC’s ongoing liquor modernization efforts demonstrate our deep commitment to a modern regulatory environment that supports consumer choice, innovation and economic growth.


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