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Liquor Manufacturer Policy Bulletin (Mar 27, 2020)

Effective March 27, 2020, AGLC is amending liquor manufacturing policies to support manufacturers in growing their business.

Key amendments to liquor manufacturing policies include:

- removing the need to use raw materials in the production of liquor products;

- eliminating the maximum 20 per cent of blended or flavoured liquor products;

- clarifying contracting policies, including adding a provision to accommodate contractors’ distributing contractees’ product;

- using Litres of Absolute Alcohol (LAA) to describe the size of a distiller to align with industry practices; and

- expanding the definition of alcohol to include kombucha.

These changes to liquor manufacturing policies were implemented to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving liquor manufacturing sector. Full details can be found in the PDF bulletin below and updated policies.

Further inquiries, including those related to registering and reporting contracted product, can be directed to AGLC’s Liquor Services Division at


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