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Digital Posters

As technology evolves, the promotional space used by licensees and suppliers alike has expanded beyond physical premises and into social media or other on-line platforms. This has been exacerbated by the pandemic, which has further driven business on-line. Physical posters provided by suppliers have been considered a promotional item and are permitted to be provided at no cost to a licensee, however, when the same poster is then put on-line reaching a larger audience, it was considered advertising and was not permitted. AGLC has reviewed use of “digital posters” and effective immediately suppliers may provide digital posters for use by licensees providing:

- The digital poster is limited to a static advertisement;

- The digital poster must not be interactive;

- The ability or offer to use a digital poster is not limited to a single store or single chain of stores;

- There is no cost to a licensee to obtain the digital posters and place them on their websites or social media and no agreement is required to utilize the digital posters;

- All other AGLC advertising and promotions policy is complied with.

Per existing AGLC advertising guidelines, suppliers may not provide or request any compensation from licensees for the use of these digital posters or provide other marketing services to licensees to utilize these.

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