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BDL and Sleeman to distribute domestic refreshment beverages

AGLC has authorized Brewers Distributor Ltd (BDL) and Sleeman Breweries to distribute domestic refreshment beverages of Labatt, Molson Coors and Sleeman through their own warehouses. 


This amendment provides greater efficiencies for BDL and Sleeman in a number of areas including: 

o       the simplification of internal reporting and cost reductions overall 

o       the reduction of truck trips on the road, which reduces the overall carbon footprint 

o       the ability to better manage their own inventory deliveries 


The transition to allow BDL and Sleeman to distribute domestic refreshment beverages is tentatively set for late summer to early fall 2024.  


We understand this amendment represents a significant change to AGLC’s warehousing and distribution network. AGLC  is committed to undergoing a further in-depth review of AGLC’s warehousing and distribution model.   


This initiative reduces red tape for the large beer manufacturers, enabling them to warehouse and distribute additional liquor products as well as streamline transfers from their manufacturing facilities to their warehouses.  


This amendment reflects AGLC’s ongoing commitment to ensure a regulatory environment that balances responsible consumption, consumer choice, innovation and economic growth.  


If you have further questions, please contact AGLC Liquor & Cannabis Division at


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