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Amendment to Added Value Liquor Products

AGLC has amended policy enabling registered liquor agencies to purchase liquor products from a participating retail store as added value items.

This amendment will provide liquor agencies greater flexibility to purchase added value liquor products directly from the licensee where the promotion is taking place.

Please note, an added value item promotes a specific brand of liquor as a second item at no additional charge. The second item may be a liquor product or a non-liquor item and cannot exceed 20 per cent of the retail value of the primary liquor product.

These policy amendments reflect AGLC’s ongoing commitment to ensure a regulatory environment that balances responsible consumption, consumer choice, innovation and economic growth.

The amended policy can be accessed at in the Liquor Agency Handbook (section 5.9) and the Retail Liquor Store Handbook (section 7.9).

If you have further questions, please contact AGLC Regulatory Services at


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