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AGLC Org Changes

the AGLC has made some organizational changes -

They have combined the Liquor and Cannabis business lines to allows the sharing of best practices to achieve efficiencies.


Effectively immediately the Liquor and Cannabis Division will be split into three workstreams:

1. Stakeholder Management

This stream will be responsible for most of our external stakeholder engagement and will be the primary contact for relationship management.

Main Contact

Leanne Balanik – Director, Stakeholder Management, Liquor & Cannabis


2. Operations

This stream will be responsible for all day-to-day functions and business process development and updates.

Main Contact

Pierre Mostert - Director, Liquor & Cannabis Operations


3. Supply Chain & Warehousing

This stream will be managing our liquor and cannabis supply chain and external warehouses which include Connect Logistics Services, Brewers Distributor Ltd, Big Rock Brewery, and Sleeman Breweries.

Main Contact

Koren Radford – Acting Director, Supply Chain & Warehousing


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