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AGLC Leadership Team

AGLC has made a change to its leadership team that will support continued efforts to maximize benefits for stakeholders and Albertans.

Jay Shukle has been appointed to the position of Vice President, Liquor and Cannabis, effective March 13. Jay joined AGLC in June 2018 and has been the Senior Director, Cannabis since January 2020. He has supported the successful launch of Alberta’s cannabis industry, including the recent privatization of online sales. Jay has a strong background in the private sector focused on sales, operations and business development.

Kathy Hibbs, who has been acting as the Senior Director for Liquor Services, will be resuming her position with our Policy team toward the end of March where she will carry on our efforts to implement policy improvements to support industry needs. I would like to thank her for her service this past year.

One of Jay’s key focuses will be to continue building strong relationships with our stakeholders.


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