Common COVID-19 safety measures you can implement in-store

In these unprecedented times, ALSA members are working hard to ensure customers have a safe visit. Here are some common safety measures that members have implemented in-store that you can also implement if you haven't already:

· Limiting the number of customers allowed at one time.  This ensures customers have more room to be 2 meters apart while shopping.

· Identifying and marking distance lines at the cashier for customers to follow while waiting

· Installing Plexiglas shields at cashiers to keep staff and customers safe

· Going cashless. Customers and staff don’t have to handle extra items that could be infected

· Disinfecting keypads after every purchase

· Disinfecting surface areas where products are placed after every purchase

· If carts or baskets are used they are disinfected before being put back into use

· Disinfect Shelves, door handles (cooler, entrance) on a regular basis

· Disposable latex gloves worn by staff

· Mandatory Hand washing after breaks when gloves not

· Limiting hours of operations

Is your store implementing other ideas? Share them with us at and we'll add them to this list!

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