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Media Updates - Federal task force on legalization and regulation of cannabis

"Marijuana Legalization Guidelines get high marks in Alberta"

"ALSA advocates for alcohol industry's involvement in the sale of legalized marijauna"

“Alberta liquor stores also looking at cannabis sales”

“Alberta liquor stores contemplating pot sales”


Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation

A Framework for the Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada - Report is complete.


We have discovered that the regulation of cannabis will touch every aspect of our society. One of the predominant features of our deliberations has been the diversity of opinions, emotions and expertise expressed by those who came forward. People and organizations gave generously of their time and reflections. We explored the issue in remote corners of Canada as well as outside our borders. We heard from parents, patients, practitioners, politicians, police and the media. Our focus ranged from global treaty obligations to the homes and municipalities in which we live. We heard anxiety about such things as driving, youth access and "sending the wrong message," but we also heard a desire to move away from a culture of fear around cannabis and to acknowledge the existence of more positive medical and social attributes. Meanwhile, as we went about our mandate, dispensaries continued to challenge communities and law enforcement, new research findings emerged, new regulations appeared, and the media shone their light on issues of quality and regulatory gaps.

The current paradigm of cannabis prohibition has been with us for almost 100 years. We cannot, and should not, expect to turn this around overnight. While moving away from cannabis prohibition is long overdue, we may not anticipate every nuance of future policy; after all, our society is still working out issues related to the regulation of alcohol and tobacco. We are aware of the shortcomings in our current knowledge base around cannabis and the effects of cannabis on human health and development. As a result, the recommendations laid out in this report include appeals for ongoing research and surveillance, and a flexibility to adapt to and respond to ongoing and emerging policy needs.

 - Anne Mclellan, Chair & Mark Ware, Vice-Chair    


The final report is complete, details can be found on the government website for the taskforce.

Alternatively download full report here.

2016 - 2017 CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR'S Adjusted Order and Delivery Schedules from Connect Logistics



Breaking News

2017 - New Website Launch
Alberta Liquor Store Association Launches New Website

Watch this space as we unveil our new website, Home page first, with launch by the end of January!  While still in beta if any missing information it will be a simple re-direct to the old space - so don't worry everything you need will be accessed as easily as ever.  Any questions please reach out

We can't wait to share our new space with you...

Alcohol Sales Separation Bylaw - Final Decision

At last night’s City Council hearing on the Alcohol Sales Separation Bylaw, Council approved the changes proposed by City Administration.  Council voted 8 – 5 to approve the changes. 

City Council approved changes to the way the Zoning Bylaw regulates the separation distance between liquor stores on and around large commercial sites in suburban areas with the adoption of Bylaw 17836.

New regulations allow liquor stores to be within 500 metres each other if:

  • the liquor stores are located on separate sites;
  • the liquor stores are located outside the boundary of the non-exemption area; and
  • at least one of the liquor stores is located on a site greater than 2.5 hectares in size and on a Direct Control or commercially zoned site.

The exemption to the separation distance requirement provides limited opportunity for additional liquor stores on and around large commercial sites in suburban areas, while maintaining 500 metres between new liquor stores in mature neighbourhoods.  The 100 meter separation distance requirement remains unchanged and in place for sensitive locations such as parks, schools, community league buildings and recreation centres.

The changes approved by Council are now in effect.

Following the adoption of Bylaw 17836, City Council directed City staff to report back on the effectiveness of the changes to the separation distance by the end of 2018.


2017 Connect Logistics Service Rate Structure

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) Board has approved the 2017 Rate Structure proposed by Connect Logistics Services Inc. (Connect).

In the 2017 budget, which is provided to the AGLC as part of the agreement, Connect has made a concerted effort to reduce costs across the business in order to maintain rates where possible. However, in 2017 some key rates will increase by approximately 1.0% to cover additional supply chain costs. Attached for your information is a schedule of the rates effective January 1, 2017.

Please note the rates on the attached schedule are now inclusive of a fuel service charge (FSC). Connect has revised the methodology for calculating the FSC with its contracted Carriers in order to make the calculation more favorable to the industry.

Connect will continue to support the open Alberta liquor model by offering superior service at the lowest possible cost to Retailers, Agencies, and Suppliers in Alberta.

Please contact Connect Logistics Customer Service at 1-800-265-6784 or email: should you have any questions. 


2016 - 2017 CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR'S Adjusted Order and Delivery Schedules from Connect Logistics

AGLC and Connect Logistics Services (Connect), including Customer Service, are closed on December 25th and January 1st (Christmas and New Year’s Day).

Revised Order and Payment Dates: AGLC & Connect will follow the normal schedule for the month of December and January except for the following noted adjustments:

Orginal Order Day

New Order Day

Order Desk Closes

Payment Due

AGLC Edmonton closes at:

AGLC Calgary closes at:

Delivery Day

(Orders May Arrive Eariler)


Fri Dec 23

Thur Dec 22


Fri Dec 23 before Noon



Sat Dec 24

Sun Dec 25

Fri Dec 23


Fri Dec 23 before 3 PM



Tue Dec 27

New Year's

Fri Dec 30

Thur Dec 29


Fri Dec 30 before Noon



Sat Dec 31

Sun Jan 1

Fri Dec 30


Fri Dec 30 before 3 PM



Tue Jan 3

To avoid missed order days place a pre-committed order. Contact Connect Customer Service for instructions if you are not familiar with this process.

Non Scheduled Orders: Non-scheduled orders will only be available as volumes allow. DO NOT rely on non-scheduled orders.

Payments: Banks are closed on

  • Monday Dec 26,

  • Tuesday Dec 27, and

  • Monday, January 2.

    Customers must make arrangements to ensure payment is received on time. Orders not paid by published deadlines will be cancelled immediately and returned to stock. For payment questions contact AGLC at (780) 447-8673.

    Contact Us! If you have any questions or concerns please call Connect at 1-800-265-6784 or e-mail


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