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Fuel Surcharge Update
Dec 19, 2014
Re: Fuel Surcharge
To: Alberta Licensees/Retailers
Fuel Surcharges reflect the variable nature of fuel costs. The contracts with Connect Logistics Services’ (CLS) carriers include a fuel surcharge and, with the recent decrease in diesel fuel prices, this fuel surcharge has decreased. 
Therefore, effective Jan 4, 2015, the Fuel Surcharge will decrease from $0.20 to $0.17 per case. 
Connect Logistics will continue to review the Fuel Surcharge Rate on an ongoing basis. This, and any future changes, will be reflected on your invoice. 
Our surcharge rate will reflect the charge from our carriers which is based on the Freight Carriers Association Rates. 
If you have any questions regarding this please call CLS Customer Service at 1-800-265-6784 or email
Doug Falkenberg 
Customer Service Manager

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