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  • Five Irresistible Food and Cocktail Pairings: Suggest Something Spirited p 6

  • Liquor Sales Trends p 9

  • Innovative Promotions Are Getting Personal: Be Authentic & Connect With Your Community p 10

  • Wine Report – Rieslings p 13

  • Beer Notes – Sours p 14

  • Profile: Main Avenue Liquor p 16

  • Best Practices for ID Checking: Work Towards 100% Compliancy p 18

  • 3 Steps to Relentless Adaptation p 21

  • The Shifting Duty of Care: Risks and Mitigation of Combining Alcohol and Cannabis p 24

  • Interprovincial Trade Barriers to be Removed p 27

  • Just Add Alberta Campaign p 28

  • Spirit Spotlight – Drink Pink p 30

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