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In Trusted Hands Campaign 

With the Alberta Cannabis Framework underway, please voice your support for private regulated retail sales side by side with Alberta Liquor Stores.

Right now, the Alberta government is deciding where Albertans will be able to purchase recreational marijuana from. We think you deserve a say.


  • Alberta Liquor Stores have a twenty-five-year track record of keeping a controlled substance, out of the hands of minors

  • A separate retail unit resolves issue of co-location and cross-marketing

  • This option avoids a costly and drawn out rezoning process for new locations

Why reinvent the wheel? We can trust those who brought us Alberta’s liquor stores to distribute cannabis in the same socially responsible way.


Please voice your support for the trusted hands of Alberta Liquor Stores by sending a message to your local MLA. Simply fill out the form below! You can edit the text to create a personal message, or simply send the form letter that already includes all the key message we think our political decision-makers need to hear.

Thank you for your support!

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